…a supernal performance [that] broke over listeners in wave after wave. After the slow movement you could hear the audience holding its breath.
— The Boston Globe
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The performance was warm, vigorous, and utterly endearing, with a stellar ensemble.
— The Boston Phoenix
This was a true ensemble performance distinguished by warmth, emotional precision, and not infrequent upwellings of joy.
— The Boston Globe
For all the beauty of her performance, Pearson made sure that Bach’s music – not her virtuoso playing – took center stage.
— The Boston Globe
Rehearsal at St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Rehearsal at St. Paul's Church in Brookline

Winsor Wins: Four Moderns Plus 16th-C Susato
Boston Musical Intelligencer, November 27, 2018
by Julie Ingelfinger

Winsor's Imaginative Trajectory
Boston Musical Intelligencer, December 4, 2016
by Mark DeVoto

Strings and Oboe Abloom in Newburyport
Boston Musical Intelligencer, April 13, 2015
by Mark DeVoto

Winsor Music Chamber Series at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
The Arts Fuse, April 18, 2014
by Jonathan Blumhofer

Harbison Premiere and J. S. Bach from Winsor
Boston Musical Intelligencer, December 4, 2013
by John Ehrlich

Oboe Quartet a homecoming for composer
The Boston Globe, March 27, 2012
By Jeremy Eichler

Winsor’s Oboe Commission: Audience Breathless
Boston Musical Intelligencer, March 27, 2012
by Liane Curtis

Soloists Shine for Winsor                             
Boston Musical Intelligencer, November 28, 2010
by Mark DeVoto

The Coming of Light: Winsor Music Premieres Lieberson
Boston Musical Intelligencer, April 27, 2010
by Peter Van Zandt Lane

Amazing Grace, Amazing Prodigy at Winsor Series
Boston Musical Intelligencer, November 30, 2009
by Lee Eiseman

Composer's music speaks to - not down to - children, March 27, 2009
by David Weininger

Cantata’s Approach: Twice is nice
The Boston Globe, May 15, 2007
by Jeremy Eichler
(Premiere of Stephen Hartke’s Precepts)

Brahms Serenade
The Boston Phoenix, October 7, 2005
by Lloyd Schwartz

Poetic Achievements
The Boston Phoenix, April 15, 2005
by Lloyd Schwartz

Program of Mozart, Carter and Schumann features Boston premiere
The Boston Phoenix, October 11, 2002
by Lloyd Schwartz

Chamber music performances take your breath away
The Boston Globe, October 31, 2001
by Richard Buell
(Program of Mozart, Harbison and Fauré)

Showing why Bach is indestructible
The New York Times, September 29, 1997
by Anthony Tommasini
(Program of Davidovsky, Harbison and Bach)

Winsor winds make masterful work of Bach, Brahms
The Boston Globe, September 10, 1997
by Catherine Peterson

Follen chamber series makes delight-filled debut
The Boston Globe, September 17, 1996
by Richard Dyer
(Program of Bach, Harbison, Hadyn and Schumann)

An oboist does Bach and works based on Bach
The New York Times, March 14, 1995
by Allan Kozinn
(Program of Harbison, Brody, Brown and Bach)

My favorite living oboist
The Boston Phoenix, December 9, 1994
by Lloyd Schwartz
(Program of Harbison, Brody, Brown and Bach)

Mom would have been proud
The Boston Globe, March 25, 1991
by Richard Dyer
(Program of Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Mozart and Bach)