Founded in 1996 by oboist Peggy Pearson, the mission of Winsor Music, Inc. is to foster the appreciation and enjoyment of chamber music. The organization consists of four branches:

  • a vibrant chamber music concert series given in Massachusetts at St. Paul’s Church in Brookline
  • a program to develop new repertoire for Winsor's core instrumentation by commissioning new works and arranging existing chamber repertoire to include the oboe, clarinet, violin, and cello
  • a highly successful outreach program, in which students and professional musicians from the Boston area perform chamber music in hospitals, retirement communities, schools, rehabilitation centers and recovery homes
  •  the Bach Institute, a collaboration with Emmanuel Music and Oberlin College which aims to expose a new generation of students to Bach arias and involve them in outreach
Winsor Music, under the direction of Peggy Pearson, is a bright light in our musical lives. Much in the way a lighthouse beckons a sailor, Winsor Music is a beacon of intelligence, excellence, integrity and artistic beauty and it enriches the lives of everyone it touches.
— John Heiss