Chamber Series III (Young Artist: Lev Mamuya)

Haydn: Quartet in E flat major, Op. 71, No. 3
Andrew Waggoner: Down/Up (world premiere)
J. S. Bach: Vater unser im Himmelreich
Lev Mamuya: Ingrain (world premiere)
Vivaldi: Concerto XI in D minor, RV 565

Eventbrite - Winsor Music Spring Concert
Andrew Waggoner on the Many Meanings of Down and Up

Andrew Waggoner is a critically-acclaimed, prize-winning composer who has been praised by the New Yorker as “a gifted practitioner of a complex but dramatic and vividly colored style.” He took some time recently to talk about his style, his thought process, and his new piece for Winsor Music, in a thoroughly enjoyable conversation that spanned topics as diverse as pop/rock and thirteenth-century mystics.


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Songs for the Spirit Booklet

Winsor Music’s commissioned chorales on the themes of tolerance, peace and unity. 

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Kyanjin Gumba, 13,000 feet
Don’t worry, the oboe is plastic! 


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