Chamber Series IV - Apple Hill Quartet

The Apple Hill Quartet joins Peggy for the final concert of the 2014-15 season. James Primosch presents the world premiere of his new quartet for oboe and strings, and we will conclude our season-long exploration of Haydn's chamber works with the Symphony Quintetto, an exquisite chamber arrangement of his Symphony No. 97. 

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Meet the Arneis Quartet!

The Arneis Quartet celebrates their fifth anniversary this season with appearances on the Alcyon, Emmanuel Music, and Winsor Music Chamber Series, where they will perform on the March 23 concert. Heather, Rose, Daniel, and Agnes very generously gave some rehearsal time to speak with us about the origins of the quartet, their favorite moments in the music for the March 23 concert, and why they love performing on outreach concerts. 

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Haydn: Quartet in D minor, Op. 42

Franz Josef Haydn’s darkly evocative Quartet in D minor, composed in 1785, arranged to include oboe by Peggy Pearson, and here available as a PDF download.

Quartet in D minor, Op. 42, Hob. III:43

1. Andante ed innocentemente

2. Menuetto. Allegretto – Trio

3. Adagio e cantabile

4. Finale. Presto


Kyanjin Gumba, 13,000 feet
Don’t worry, the oboe is plastic! 


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