Winsor Music has a program to present concerts for youngsters in the Boston schools, mostly for kindergartners and first graders. We engage them by performing songs that they know. The children cannot help but sing along, and we demonstrate how music can express different ideas and emotions, activities, animals or landscapes. We introduce them to basic rhythm, and to different types of instruments, from traditional (violin, oboe, cello) to innovative instruments that they do not know, such as the theremin. In programs where the children are learning instruments, we invite them to perform for us.

For a complete description of what we do and how we do it, visit our Kickstarter project page from the fall (150% funded, thanks to our incredible supporters!). 


A captive audience


The Artists.... 

  Mary had a little Lamb,  the opera  

Murray the Lamb and The Heroic Squirrel
from Mary Had a Little Lamb, The Opera


The critics weigh in...