About Our Commissions

By commissioning important composers, Winsor Music has established itself as an advocate of new music. The commissioning program sponsors new works in two ways:

The Winsor Music Consortium Project is designed to enable collaborative commissions by oboists, chamber music ensembles and series sponsors.  Currently, Winsor Music is leading a consortium of 15 chamber ensembles to commission a work from John Harbison. The ensembles are from different cities in the US, and each one will give a local premiere of the new work.

Winsor Music also commissions at least one new work each year that is premiered on the chamber series. By and large, these composers are American, and they are varied in their stages in life and career, ranging from John Harbison to young, up-and-coming composers, some of whom are still students. We work closely with the composer during both the writing and rehearsal processes. Very often, the works are written for oboe and string trio, which makes it possible to program them as companion pieces to more traditional works by composers such as Mozart or Britten.

Yehudi Wyner

Yehudi Wyner

“The usual ingredients are in place: a choice assemblage of superlative, dedicated performers; programs of music old and new with a notable commitment to compositions newly commissioned by the Winsor Music Consortium; and an appealing performance venue in the intimate setting of a chaste and beautiful church. But what sets this series apart is that here one hears music-making that is more than mere embellishment or escape. Under Peggy Pearson’s inspiring leadership these concerts offer an experience that comes through as an act of faith.”

— Yehudi Wyner


Repertoire commissioned by Winsor Music

  • Mario Davidovsky: Quartetto No. 2

  • Yehudi Wyner: Quartet for Oboe and String Trio (Commissioned with a Consortium)

  • John Harbison: Six American Painters (oboe version)

  • John Harbison: Four Chorale Preludes

  • Martin Brody: d.C., Divertimento

  • Fred Lerdahl: Oboe Quartet

  • Elizabeth Brown: Beatitudes

  • Martin Brody: Tree of Life

  • James Primosch: Matins (with Cantata Singers)

  • John Harbison, John Heiss, and Peter Child: Three Chorale Preludes

  • Hayg Boyadjian: Little Songs

  • Peter Child: Pantomime: Seven Lyric Scenes for Oboe Quartet

  • Stephen Hartke: Precepts (with Cantata Singers)

  • Tison Street: Overture, Soliloquy and Metamorphosis (with Chamber Orchestra of Boston)

  • James Matheson: Quartet for Oboe and Strings

  • John Heiss: Sandburg Songs

  • Peter Lieberson: The Coming of Light for baritone, oboe and string quartet (with Chicago Chamber Players)

  • Kay Rhie: Quartet for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Violoncello

  • Peter Child: Finite Infinity

  • Lev Mamuya: The Eagle (A Song without Words)

  • Helen Grime: Oboe Quartet

  • Eric Nathan: Quartet for Oboe and Strings

  • John Harbison: Crossroads (Consortium)

  • Andrew Waggoner: Down/Up

  • Harold Meltzer: Air and Angels

  • James Primosch: Oboe Quartet

  • Yi Ying Chen: Sailing Against Time

  • Andreia Pinto-Correia: Dalla Legenda aurea

  • Lev Mamuya: loosely turing

  • Charlotte Bray: Bluer Than Midnight

  • Anna Weesner: Love Progression: A Personal Essay

  • James Primosch: Oboe Quintet

  • Marti Epstein: Komorebi

  • Anna Weesner: Mantra Music: No Harmony Like Silence

  • Osnat Netzer: They bury their dead with great ululations

Other Works Given Boston Premieres by Winsor Music

  • John Halle: Mortgaging the Earth (oboe version)

  • Paul Moravec: Oboe Concerto (chamber version)

  • Daniel Crozier: Toccata (oboe version)

  • Melinda Wagner: Scritch

Repertoire in preparation for Winsor Music

  • New Song for the Spirit by Marti Epstein

“The Winsor Music Chamber Series is an essential part of our musical life in Boston. Central to its mission has been the presentation of new pieces, often commissioned for the concerts, amid unusual older repertoire, all splendidly played, in an attractive acoustical space. The atmosphere is warm and informal, with a unique sense of occasion, something conceived with love and imagination.”

— John Harbison


“For a composer, working with Winsor Music is pure joy. The players are fabulous and fabulously sensitive, both to each other and to the music at hand. They approach each work, new or old, with the same level of curiosity, engagement, and subtlety. A composer simply could not have a better advocate.”

— Martin Brody


“To say that Winsor Music is nothing short of miraculous misses the point, since nothing happens by chance. Peggy Pearson insists on bringing together the finest musicians, selecting her programs, which span several centuries, with an ear for excellence and freshness. An indispensable series, music-making at its absolute best!”

— Shulamit Ran


“Every once in awhile a composer has a completely satisfying experience with the premiere of a new work. Such was my experience with the Oboe Quartet I wrote for Winsor Music Consortium. Under the leadership of its superb oboist, Peggy Pearson, my piece was rehearsed in ideal conditions and played beautifully on several occasions.”

— Fred Lerdahl

Mindy Wagner.jpg

"Winsor Music presents lively and varied programs of chamber music, each expertly and sensitively played by world class musicians. I was honored to hear my own music played by this ensemble recently; it was wonderful to be welcomed by devoted players and an enthusiastic audience, all in the intimate, glowing atmosphere of a charming New England church. Winsor Music, Inc., is truly a treasure!"


— Mindy Wagner


Peter Child.jpg

“Winsor Music is a unique voice. The sense of community, among musicians, between the musicians and their audience, is remarkable. The developing humanist hymnal, ‘Songs of the Spirit,’ embodies Winsor’s commitment to humanitarian ideals and audience participation. Winsor’s commitment to new music combined with traditional repertory helps keep both musics alive. This is music the way it should be made, and the way that we really want to hear it.”

— Peter Child



“I had been an admirer of Peggy Pearson's oboe playing for some time before having the opportunity to write an oboe quartet for Winsor Music. It is very rare that composers have the luxury of being able to write exactly what they want and know that they will get a committed performance — in my case the piece I wrote was often fiendishly difficult for all four players, and I was astonished at the level of preparation and dedication to the music. A performance that so closely resembles the original intention is a very special occurrence.”

— Helen Grime


Heiss 2011.jpg

“Winsor Music, under the direction of Peggy Pearson, is a bright light in our musical lives. Much in the way a lighthouse beckons a sailor, Winsor Music is a beacon of intelligence, excellence, integrity and artistic beauty and it enriches the lives of everyone it touches.”

— John Heiss